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Talking about your journey...

When you do anything in a way that feels right and natural for you, chances are you're going to do it better. So first and foremost is all about you. Your lifestyle choices, your thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears. Yours and nobody else's. Whatever lifestyle choice you're considering, it's this personal approach that we believe can give you the genuine motivation needed to a start a successful journey towards a change for the better.

On the pages that follow, you'll have the chance to express all of this "you stuff" through a genuine interactive process. Think of it as having a conversation with someone you know and trust, someone who will listen, understand and encourage (without preaching!) But this isn't a "nice little chat" for the sake of it. (Sorry, there's Facebook and blogs for that). This is a two way conversation, where you can learn some stuff from us, react in your own way, reach your own conclusions and ultimately start the journey towards a healthier, happier you – this time on your terms.


Want us to be a bit more specific? Alright then.

The process of change is in four stages. You'll start by finding out more about lifestyle choices and the factors that might be affecting you. Then you'll discover all the benefits you might enjoy from making a change. Moving on, you'll get the chance to use your imagination a little as we explore ideas about how to make changes and live with them. Finally there's some goal-setting and the creation of a plan (that's your plan not somebody else's).

But that's not all. There's information about where you can get support and advice in your community and the opportunity to share the stories and experiences of people like you, people who have found themselves on a similar journey and with the help of are now enjoying a different kind of future.