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Within the current health agenda, encouraging people to change, and manage this change for themselves, is absolutely crucial. However, the social demographic spectrum that this encompasses is enormous. The challenge is therefore how to address the gulf between those for whom change is not important and those for whom it is paramount – yet either don't know where to start or have started and failed 101 times already. is unique because its self evaluation approach is applicable to anyone and everyone faced with the need to address their lifestyle choices. It gently challenges those for whom change is not important - almost daring them to try it - yet at the same time is able to encourage those who want to change, but for whatever reason lack the confidence.

The sites uses a simple evidence based technique to facilitate informed decision making, empowering people to make the changes they want to get "the future they choose". This makes a healthy change from generic information giving or the directive approach: "you really need to stop..."

In developing, we have taken the concept of a motivational consultation out of the consulting room and onto the internet, replicating as close as possible the direct and personal interaction between clinician and patient. This interactive process is genuinely engaging and empowering, enabling people of every demographic and psychological profile to embrace change in order to live healthier, happier lives. Moreover, it enables health based organisations to integrate this change process into their own services seamlessly and cost effectively.

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