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Alcohol: What does it all add up to?

"I never considered myself a serious drinker. Then I counted the units I drank each week. I suppose it just creeps up on you".

Most of us don't really know how many units of alcohol are in the drinks we enjoy. If you're not totally sure yourself, why not try the units calculator on the right. You might be surprised, shocked or dismayed.

Since drinking alcohol is such a "normal" part of our culture a lot of people are surprised by the number of units they consume. If you think you might improve your health and well being by reducing the amount you drink, then this is a great place to start. Alternatively, having learned about alcohol units, you might like to try the drinking questionnaire before you move on.

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It's your shout...

Because no one likes being told what to do, is all about discovering stuff for yourself. (That means that nobody is telling you to complete the drinking questionnaire.) However, if you do, it might make you think in a different way about the way you approach drinking. Why? Well as we've said before, it's amazing how similar we can all be and the questions contained in the drinking questionnaire might just "ring a few bells" with you.

It should take no longer than 2 minutes. You'll need a paper and pen, a reasonable memory and a bit of honesty with yourself. Click Here when you're ready.

Did you know...

Consumption of alcohol in the UK has increased by 19 per cent over the last three decades and is now higher than in any other European country. Recent reports indicate that 10.5 million adults in England drink above "sensible" limits. These are people who reach a certain score in the drinking questionnaire

"Sensible limits" means that men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day and women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day. "Regularly" means four or more days a week. When you think that a pint of lager or a large glass of wine could be three units you can see how easy it is to drink more than this! We know that making simple changes to the way people drink can reduce the risks to their health and well being.