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Smoking: it's about time...

"When I discovered that each cigarette reduced my life expectancy by 11 minutes, I was horrified. That fact alone didn't motivate me to change, but I think it was where it all started."

Does Mary's comment make you look at the picture on the right any differently? It's amazing when you think about each cigarette butt representing 11 minutes of your life.

Cutting down or quitting can be difficult (In fact here's another number: the average smoker tries and fails 5 times before quitting for good.) That's exactly why this might be a great place for you to start. However, you might want to try our smoking questionnaire before you move on.


5 minutes well spent...

Because no one likes being told what to do, is all about discovering stuff for yourself. (That means that nobody is telling you to complete our smoking questionnaire.) However, if you do, it might make you think in a different way about the way you approach smoking. Well as we've said before, it's amazing how similar we can all be. and the questions contained in our smoking questionnaire might just "ring a few bells" with you and change the way you think about whether quitting is really important to you.

You'll need a paper and pen, a reasonable memory and a bit of honesty with yourself. Click here when you are ready.

Did you know...

In England alone, over 80,000 deaths a year are due to smoking and smoking kills half of all long-term users. (Department of Health February 2010). When we smoke all of our major organs are at risk, not just our lungs. And regardless of how much or how little we smoke, we are more likely to develop short and long term health problems than non-smokers.

Smoking doesn't just affect our own health, but also our children, family and friends' health. Secondhand smoke contains 4,000 toxic chemicals and puts people at risk of the same health problems as smokers face, causing thousands of deaths each year in its own right.